Better Solution for Wounds: Alginate Wound Dressings Made by Winner Medical

Alginate wound dressing is made of natural alginate, a polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from seaweed. Composed mainly of alginate, it is a functional wound dressing with high absorption performance. The medical film forms a soft gel upon contact with wound exudate and it provides an ideal moist environment for wound healing and relieving wound pain.

Winner Medical uses innovative technology to produce alginate wound dressing, offering a new and viable option for wound care.

The following are some benefits of alginate wound dressing produced by Winner Medical.

  1. Safe and non-toxic: Alginate wound dressing is made of natural polymer material, which has no toxicity to the human body and can be safely used on mucous membranes and skin wounds.
  2. High moisture absorption: Alginate wound dressing can absorb liquid equivalent to 11 times its weight, which is especially useful for highly exudative wounds because the exudate level largely determines the state of the wound.
  3. Hemostasis: Alginate wound dressing can promote the formation of a plasminogen activator when it contacts wound exudate and accelerate the process of blood clotting.
  4. Gel-forming property: it absorbs wound exudate, exchanges ions with exudate, and forms a stable layer of reticulated gel on the wound surface. This facilitates the creation of a microenvironment for the wound that is conducive to tissue growth (slightly acidic, anaerobic or hypoxic, moderately moist).

For wounds with a high volume of exudate, Winner Medical’s alginate wound dressing is undoubtedly the best choice for wound care dressings. Visit Winner Medical‘s official website for more detailed information.



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