There are a wide variety of real estate options available in the Exumas, but some islands are much more exclusive than others. Some properties, such as Staniel Cay, are private islands that served as the locations for scenes in the James Bond movie Thunderball. For a more private experience, consider investing in property in one of the other featured islands, such as Grand Bahama. The islands’ beautiful, clear waters and friendly people make for a great vacation spot.

Jenny Thompson is an excellent agent for buyers looking for waterfront property in the Exumas. She has helped many people purchase waterfront property in the Exumas, and she is generous with her time to help other real estate enthusiasts. exuma bahamas real estate The Exumas real estate market is one of the most affordable in the world, and you should consider pursuing this opportunity. You’ll be glad you did. The Caribbean island is an incredible place to invest, so take advantage of the excellent opportunities it offers.

As a member of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Exuma is the only one of them with an airport. That means that buying real estate there could be a lucrative investment, both for the island’s real estate market and the wider sales of the island. As a bonus, the airport is located in the Grand Isle Resort, a collection of 78 luxury homes, each one with its own private island. Those who purchase these luxury homes have the option of renting or using the property only three months of the year.

If you’re considering buying Exuma real estate, it’s important to consider what features you’re looking for. Decide on your budget and whether you can compromise on other aspects. For instance, do you want a private beach, or do you want to live near an active, bustling city? Then consider what features you’d like to see, including views and landscaping. If you’re looking for a luxury vacation home, you’ll want to think about financing.

There are several districts in Exuma. One is called Great Exuma, and has pastel-colored homes that are perfect for a tropical island paradise. There are also gated communities in Great Exuma, such as February Point, and a main settlement called George Town. This is where most businesses are located, as well as the famous Fish Fry. With more than two miles of seafront, Big Major Cay is the perfect place for a vacation home.

The government has strict rules and regulations about owner-occupied rental properties, and it is important to check whether your prospective tenant’s business meets these requirements before investing in Exuma real estate. If your home is more than 2 acres, you’ll need to obtain a permit from the government. Those who purchase property in the Family Islands are eligible for tax exemptions for the properties they own. Similarly, property in the Family islands is owned by Bahamians who want to live on the island for more than a few months.

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