One of many major problems for a diabetic patient is foot care. Diabetic foot care is just a simple but challenging issue for both the patient and the physician. Many times an easy foot injury to a diabetic patient will develop into non healing ulcers which needs long term treatment. Several patients have to be hospitalised for proper wound management. Foot injury can occur indoors or outside but when not taken care can even cause amputation.

A great diabetic foot wear and an excellent diabetic sock gives protection to diabetic patients from foot injuries. You can find socks specifically made for diabetic patients obtainable in the market.podiatry drills You can find differences between a typical sock and a socks designed for diabetic patients. Choosing the proper size and correct product which supports in giving protection to the feet is important in foot care.

Socks without elastic top band are advised for diabetic patients. That is important as elastic in top ban can cause constriction. Hence socks for diabetic patient should not have tight elastic top band. Diabetic socks ought to be manufactured from materials which can absorb sweat, must be god diabetic socks should have the ability to absorb sweat, if this is not looked in the likelihood of developing fungal infection is quite high. Sweating at the plantar region is just a common problem in diabetics, hence keeping the feet protected from fungal infections is quite important. Socks with additional terry at the planter region will undoubtedly be helpful as this may not just help in absorbing sweat but in addition gives one more benefit of extra cushioning which supports in pressure distribution.

A great diabetic sock should not have un-even or uncomfortable seam. Socks with antimicrobial properties will undoubtedly be an added advantage as this may help keeping in mind the foot infection free thus giving one more protection to the feet. Diabetic sock ought to be manufactured from material which ensures you keep the socks wrinkle free as wrinkles can produce problems as pressure distribution gets effected.

A great diabetic sock and also a well-padded foot wear can give complete protection to the feet and thus helps in better foot care in diabetic.

Diabetic socks are advised for both patents with neuropathy (who has lost their sensation in feet) in addition to diabetic who has not developed any foot problems. Using good quality diabetic socks and also a well-padded foot wear will definitely reduce injuries to foot and thus prevents unnecessary hospitalisation.

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