The daily newspaper has been a source of information within our most of our lives for many years. However with the rise of the net as a source for news and information, this established institution was headed for extinction a couple of years ago. But, recently there has been resurgence in ad revenues that the UK’s top advertisers are directing towards display advertising. Consequently, newspapers are seeing resurgence as a viable marketing tool for many segments of the retail market. This reinvention of a market already regarded as mature has surprised many forecasters who didn’t anticipate the growth potential.

NMA tracks growth trend

In line with the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) in June 2010, 16.4 percent of the top 100 advertisers display ad expenses were directed towards newspaper display advertising. pool result  This can be a sizable increase from 13.1 percent in 2003. The recent gains are partly because of the realization by many advertisers that newspapers still have a big audience. According to NMA, 83% of adults in the UK read a newspaper on a monthly basis this translates to over 30 million readers a week.

Newspapers make unexpected gains with non-traditional advertisers

Mature markets are regions of the economy in which no significant growth can be anticipated in its future. Newspapers are usually considered to be always a mature market simply because recently the trend in new ad spending has been aimed at newer media outlets, particularly the internet. But recently newspapers have now been able to court traditional advertisers to invest some of their display ad expenses on the net display ads. Retail advertisers make-up the greatest share of the display advertising category. Among the greatest retailers in the top 100 of advertiser investors are some non-traditional display ad advertisers companies. Including Anheuser Busch, Cadbury, McDonalds, Unilever, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Mars UK. The newest trend has been for these retailers to make use of print advertising to accomplish more than merely publish price ads but to actually advertise the brand.

Experts revise predictions

This surge in newspaper revenues has caused many forecasters to revise their recovery predictions for UK newspapers; apparently a cheap for advertising has increased the demand considerably. Other factors which will make newspaper display advertising a nice-looking marketing tool for advertisers include:

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