What PET Acoustic Panels Can Tell You

Looking to make a major upgrade to your house or business but don’t know what type of product to use? Why not try PET acoustic panels? This article will introduce you to the skills and benefits of using PET sound-absorbing panels.

The benefits of using PET acoustic panels

PET acoustic panels will not emit harmful substances and will not cause any harm to the human body and air.

PET acoustic panels can be recycled and melted an infinite number of times to create new products for other industries such as construction pipes and plastic bags.

PET acoustic panels play a vital role in reducing wood use to slow deforestation and contribute to a greener world.

PET acoustic panels are lightweight and easy to install, saving construction and labor costs.

PET acoustic panels are completely non-hygroscopic, completely antibacterial, and have a long service life.

How to maintain PET acoustic panels?

PET acoustic panels are cleaned and maintained as follows: brush off, blow off with compressed air, clean with a dry cleaning sponge, damp white cloth, or similar. Heavy dirt or stains may require the use of a cleaner similar to Resolve Carpet Cleaner, which should be used as directed. Severely damaged panels should be replaced.


PET acoustic panels are a great way to reduce noise and improve sound quality in your home or office. They are also an eco-friendly option because they use less energy than other types of acoustic treatments. If you’re looking for ways to improve the sound quality of your environment, consider purchasing PET acoustic panels. As a sound-absorbing panel manufacturer with 8 years of experience, LEEDINGS uses polyester fiber to manufacture sound-absorbing panels, which more effectively strengthens the use of sound-absorbing panels and better protects the environment. If you are already considering wholesale PET acoustic panels, choose LEEDINGS.



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