In a world so focused on outward appearance, we only need to open a magazine or turn on the television set to get informed on the newest and greatest fashion trends. Since society expects us to stay tuned to new fashion trends we habitually follow along to purchase the “must have” item of the season. Contrarily, the fashion style that works best and lasts longest is the one that feels and looks right, reflects our individual personality and makes the most sense in determining who we are as a woman.  athletic clothing manufacturers Cultivating a look requires self determination. A smattering of unfocused styles would not congeal into a solid, identifiable look. If most tops don’t go with your favorite jeans, or your wardrobe is stuffed with pieces hardly ever touched then do the math. How much am I really left with to wear? Activewear apparel should be comfortable and attractive enough to enter into a comfort zone whilst shifting focus on the things that need to be done. Women activewear is a clothing style that practically improves or renews a woman’s looks. If women activewear or athletica has a place on your list then you may want to read about its benefits and therapeutic uses. What can we expect from women activewear apparel? Let’s look at what it offers.

Supplex. A lightweight fabric composed of fine skin friendly filaments making activewear lightweight, strong while remaining soft, faster drying. It’s breathable, odor, wind and water resistant.

Spandax. Establishes elasticity in clothing and creates body shape friendly results.

Compression. It derives its name from the way it wraps itself around the body, meaning to squeeze or to press upon. It was originally used for patients with blood conditions such as venous Thrombosis or poor blood circulation. The clothing was used to reduce pain, increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Athletica. In the athletic arena experiments with athletic clothing have shown that athletes sustained increased power output during sports activity. A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that researchers had found that the runners in compression tights had better circulation and expended less energy. Although compression clothing has proven to benefit increased athletic potential, this practical technology also wicks perspiration, fights Uv rays and deals with microbial issues.

Body toning. Both Supplex and Spandax tone the body for a more defined and refined body line in active and casual wear whether for yoga, work out, exercise, sports, fitness, any other activity or lounging in the privacy of your home.

Interchangeability. Easy to interchange certain pieces for more than just one look.

Styles. Perfect OneFit (size 0-12), in some cases extending to 14.

Fabric longevity. Sustains shape and colors longer even after repeated usage and washings, doesn’t fuzz or pill and lives a longer shelf life.

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